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​​We are an engineering firm that provides soil engineering and wide range of inspections and laboratory testing. 

We are committed in providing the quality services in professional manner. 

• Our Values and Philosophy

The pivotal point of our business values rest upon excellence and client relations. So we pride ourselves in building trust with our clients and gain their satisfaction without compromising our values. 
By understanding the unique challenges each construction faces, we choose to be an agent of quality and help and not  hindrance.
A cherished phrase among us is “teamwork”, since we deeply believe the greater the teamwork the better the outcome

• Our Leader

Our operation manager Antoun Ghadimian is the leader and the visionary of our team; being well rounded in skills and toned by experience, he brings to table a great understanding of construction phases and needed inspections. He holds Deputy Inspection licenses as well.

He is empowering the whole company to sail forward and constantly helps the crew to picture the course and the destination of the company.

• Deputy Inspector

They are certified inspectors by International Code Council and the Department of Building and Safety; these inspectors have gone through a vigorous testing and interview process to be qualified for the Inspection license.

• Job of Deputy Inspector

They provide services to builders who require continuous inspection for time periods that Building
and Safety Inspectors (or city Inspector) cannot otherwise fulfill. 

The inspection services provided by our Deputy Inspectors are a requirement by the city codes and are intended to verify the construction adheres the plans’ specification. So each Deputy Inspector after inspection provides a report for client verifying that the required areas are observed. 

It is important to acquire the services of a Deputy Inspector with the correct certifications therefore we have on board several Deputy Inspectors certified in multiple areas.

It would be our joy to provide services for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us concerning any question.


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